Beta Omega Beta

ΒΩΒ Spring 2016
Spring 16
ΒΩΒ Fall 2015
Fall 15

1. Who are we?

Beta Omega Beta, or “ΒΩΒ,” is a non-greek women’s social organization at Truman State University that offers the closeness and sisterhood of a sorority, while respecting and fostering individuality.

2. Is Beta Omega Beta a sorority?

No, we are not a sorority, but we have the closeness and sisterhood of one!

3. What the heck is the point of a non-greek women’s social organization?

ΒΩΒ fills a niche at Truman for people who’d like to be social and involved. It is fairly affordable, there isn’t an extensive rush process, and everyone is welcome.

4. If you’re not greek, why do you have greek letters?

We’ll tell you later…

5. What is the rush process like?

There is no formal rush process, but intro week is where new ΒΩΒs and current ΒΩΒs can get to know each other.

6. Do you haze?

Not even a little bit!

7. Are you a service sorority?

We are not a service sorority, but we do host several philanthropy events throughout the year. Each fall we host ΒΩΒ Prom, a funny version of prom with a theme that’s way cooler than anything your high school came up with.  Every spring we host Sideshow ΒΩΒ, a variety show full of odd talents from all across campus.

Our main philanthropy is Victim Support Services, and during the Spring 2014 semester we raised over $500 at Sideshow ΒΩΒ!

Victim Support Services, Inc. (VSS) is a private, non-profit organization that exists to provide and coordinate crisis intervention and prevention services, shelter, advocacy, and education in order to break the cycle of domestic violence and aid the victims of sexual assault.

8. How much are dues?

$50 per semester.  If dues are a problem, sisters may make arrangements with our treasurer, Elisabeth Condon at for a personalized plan to pay their portion.

9. What if I have more questions?

Feel free to talk to any ΒΩΒ, or email our Fall 2015 President, Kat Tucker at