Sidney Apolonio


Brea Relleke

Joined: Fall 15

Big: Alex Menendez

Littles: None

Offices Held: Secretary

Hometown: Saint Charles, Mo

Favorite Thing About BOB: We’re super supportive and accepting and diverse. Also, pigs are cute.

Danielle Hughes

Joined BOB: Fall 2013

Big: Nuria DelCampo

Littles: Kiley Brannon

Offices Held: Philanthropy

Major/Grad Year: Business Administration, Marketing Concentration, Theatre minor/December 2016

Hometown: O’Fallon, MO

Favorite Thing About BOB: My favorite thing is knowing that I have a strong, diverse group of women to challenge me, celebrate with me, and help me through all of the challenges and turns of life.

Bri Long

10866865_10205568027296899_577843662_nJoined BOB: Fall 2013

Big: Kate Barker

Littles: Karmen Young, Andrea Patterson

Offices held: Treasurer (twice!), Sisterhood, Webmistress

Hometown: St. Peters

Favorite Thing About BOB: Our mascot is a pig. What’s cuter than that?