Danni Keller

Joined BOB: Spring 2012

Big: Erica Raines

Littles: None

Offices held: None

Major/Grad Year: Spanish/ 2015

Hometown: Florissant, MO

Favorite Thing About BOB: The chill people


Nikki Benson

Joined BOB: Spring 2012

Big: Kirsten Self

Littles: Sara Perkins

Offices held: none

Major/Grad Year: Psychology/Pre-MAE/ 2014

Hometown: Troy, MO

Favorite Thing About BOB: Fun Ladies! <3

Lauren Baker

Joined BOB: Spring 2012

Big: Alexandra Allen

Littles: None

Offices held: Social Chair

Major/Grad Year: Linguistics and Romance Languages/ 2015

Hometown: Columbia, MO

Favorite Thing About BOB: Having access to the secret BOB group. They post about cats A LOT.